- No updates in a while, but work still continues :)
- Ultra-basic galaxy generation code
- Starfield background
- Space station and destroyer modelled, destroyer needs to be skinned.
- Welcoming our new affiliates, the Blue Dragon Network :)

9/24/02 10:14:00 pm

- First preliminary interface design thrown together - check it out here
- More work done on physics code - work will begin on actual gameplay soon.
- Many optimisations done by mal - MASSIVE framerate boost (30%). Scenes with 3-4 planets close together at 1024x768x32 rendering easily at my max refresh rate of 60fps.

8/30/02 9:43:54 pm


- New technique for creating triangular textures attempted. Works very well!
- First decent world texture completed
- New details texture completed
- Four ship models completed: Dagger, Demon, Cruiser, Ninja.
8/16/02 3:52:49 pm

- Cloud "layers" completed and working great!
- Objects code improved
8/14/02 3:44:27 pm

- Holes problem completely fixed _definitively_ ( ahh, I feel so much better )
- Memory management rewritten for spheres sectors
- Draft of objects management and AI
- Simple camera movement
- First attempt for atmospheric effects using particles ( it's pretty much slow, I'll find something else )

Planned next steps :
- Getting fast "correct" looking clouds ( I don't know how, yet :p ), changing sky colour near planets
- Completing the objects code, some sample AIs
- Collision detection
- Far objects sorting to render by groups ( the Z buffer precision can't handle a whole galaxy ), extend levels of details to render objects as points

8/8/02 9:11:46 pm